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Colored Stones with a Conscience

Colored stones remain one of the most fascinating elements in the world of jewelry. These small treasures produced by the earth, come in a remarkable range of colors from every corner of the planet. However, the conditions involved in how they get from "there" to "here" is often an overlooked detail. All gemological rarities have fascinating stories to tell.

Many of the key gem-producing countries are also some of the most difficult places on the planet. It is precisely because of this that we at Leber Jeweler Inc have devoted considerable energy and research into assuring that we don’t overlook the efforts of those who labor on our behalf. While this sometimes makes our job a little harder, we believe it’s worth the effort.

One nation in particular, Burma (Myanmar), has begun to receive attention because of an abysmal human rights record. While one of the finest sources for rubies & sapphires (along with peridot, jade, and spinel) many human rights groups along with the duly elected leader (Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, currently under house arrest) have called for a boycott of this brutal regime. Because of the military’s increasing control of the gem assets of this nation, we have ceased purchasing any gems of Burmese origin.

But simply boycotting a nation is never a final answer. We at Leber Jeweler Inc feel the need to offer additional support to the people of Burma who suffer under this harsh regime and to whom we as an industry owe a debt of gratitude. Because of their need, we have founded an organization, the Jeweler’s Burma Relief Project, which is working in partnership with the Foundation for the People of Burma and Planet Care to raise funds from within the gem industry to support health, education, and micro-development.

In some cases our intense focus on the issue of fair-trade and human rights has been able to promote a more progressive and sustainable approach to gemstones. Because of our interest in supporting micro-enterprise in under-developed nations, we are able to offer a range of gemstones purchased from village co-ops in Africa. In addition, we work with like-minded suppliers who monitor mining conditions and personally oversee their own cutting operations in regions throughout the world to assure that all involved earn a living wage and that all possible precautions are taken to protect the fragile environment. As a result of this effort, we can offer a broad range of gems produced under responsible conditions that warrant the name, fair trade gemstones.



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