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A Piglet for Christmas

PigletsWith the purchase of this recycled 18k white gold or sterling piglet we made special for this occasion, we will donate 100% of the purchase price to Farm Sanctuary. That means, with every penny you spend on either of these two pieces, all the money will go to help farm animals and you’ll get a nifty necklace too.

Animals need love too, especially during the holidays. Farm Sanctuary has been providing lifelong, loving care for farmed animals that would otherwise be destroyed or abandoned since 1986.

The 18k white gold piglet is set with a 0.12ct Canadian diamond. The sterling silver piglet is set with a fair trade garnet.

Don’t wait. Christmas is only days away and we’ve only made one of each!

Thought for the Day

Every time you turn off a light switch you’re taking a little bit out of the pockets of the big mining companies that are pillaging the earth, removing mountain tops, and disrupting countless lives, all in the name of profit.Mountaintopremoval

Our country’s most valuable asset is land and people. Whether we’re talking about coal or oil or gold, we can’t put short term corporate interests in front of our collective future.

Holiday Hours!

snowrabbitThe elves in our workshop are working hard and Christmas delivery is still available!

We’ll be open Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 10-6, Thursdays 10-7 and Saturdays 10-5 until Christmas Eve.

On Sunday, December 22nd we will be open from 12-5 and Tuesday, December 24th, we will be open from 10-2. We will be closed on Christmas Day and on December 26th.

New from our Workbench

PetuniaBlZirconA classic Earthwise Jewelry® Petunia necklace set with December’s featured fair trade gemstone, blue zircon. This particular 0.87ct specimen originated in Cambodia and is set in 18k white gold alloyed with palladium. Exceptionally bright (it has a higher refractive index than diamond) and a rich steely blue hue, the color on this gem is spectacular! Click here for all the details.

Black Friday & Giving Thanks

TreeWith all the news stories talking about the shopping mall madness and mayhem (that actually now begins on Thanksgiving eve), it makes me think something is wrong. I have no doubt whoever came up with this grand idea is at home in front of the fire while they make others go to work at 2 in the morning. When the idea of a national day of giving thanks was first being bandied about, I don’t think getting a great deal on a wide screen TV even made the short list of things we should be thankful for. (Granted, there weren’t TVs in the 18th century, but you see my point.)

I know I may sound a bit hypocritical in that we are a retail business that sells things, but we still believe sometimes the best answer really is to use less since there is a lot more to this life than shopping and consumerism.

Now before I spend too much time on my soapbox, I just want to take a moment and offer our thanks to all of those who have and continue to support what we do. All of us at Leber Jeweler wish you a Happy and Peaceful Thanksgiving.

Now go and enjoy your weekend. Spend time with friends or family. Be thankful for the little things in our too-short lives and take some time to read a good book or enjoy the quiet of nature. And don’t worry too much about shopping. Christmas is still 28 days away.

Canadian Diamond Earrings

Classic diamond stud earrings are the perfect accessory. From denim to dress, their simplicity makes them a wardrobe staple.Leber30101EDiaStuds

At Leber Jeweler, we believe beauty and responsibility go together. All our 18k gold or platinum diamond earrings are hand-crafted in our Chicago workshop using genuine Canadian origin diamonds. While many jewelers claim their diamonds are “conflict-free,” if you read the fine print you’ll see they are not true truly free of conflict, as they are only Kimberley Process certified, a certification scheme known for its unwillingness to address human rights issues.

You can view our selection online or feel free to contact us directly, and we’ll be happy to make up a pair Canadian conflict-free diamond stud earrings especially for you in any quality or price range you desire.

When “conflict” isn’t conflict?

ConflictThe Kimberley Process Intersessional is being held this week and it appears unlikely the KP will reform the definition of “conflict diamonds” this year.  As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, the definition of a “conflict diamond” under the KP’s working language is so limited that it fails to take into account any violence or bloodshed that occurs outside of that committed by “rebel movements” with the specific aim of “undermining legitimate governments.” 

According to KP Chairman Welile Nhlapo the process wasn’t created to end human rights abuses or take retributive action against sovereign states. (Ironically, most jewelers will erroneously tell you their diamonds aren’t blood diamonds specifically because of the Kimberley Process.) In the next breath he advocated for the US to lift their ban on Zimbabwe’s diamonds, despite the fact some of the worst violence and corruption has been associated with Zimbabwe’s diamond trade.

One can easily tell on which side his bread is buttered.

At Leber Jeweler, we offer Canadian diamonds because they are the one sure guarantee the diamond you are purchasing did not fund any violence. This is a promise the KP is failing to fulfill. We remain committed to our long-held belief that until the Kimberley Process sees fit to include all forms of conflict in their definition of a “conflict diamond,” one should see the KP as nothing more than a marketing device for the global diamond trade, and not a joint initiative “to stem the flow of conflict diamonds” like they claim.


You’re Invited…So Mark Your Calendar

SandyShannonAfter last week’s vote in the Illinois House, the Governor will sign the bill officially making same-sex marriage in Illinois legal on November 20th.

Illinois will become this nation’s fifteenth state to make same-sex marriage a legal right during a signing ceremony at the University of Illinois at Chicago Forum at 3:30 p.m. Nov. 20.

If you’d like to attend the signing of this long-awaited legislation, you can register here. It isn’t every day you get an invitation to witness history being made!

And congratulations to Sandy and Shannon! You make a great couple.

Autumn Leaves and Yellow Sapphires

YellowSappAs Fall turns to Winter and shadows grow longer, the trees here in the Midwest have all turned beautiful shades of golds, oranges and reds. It made me realize how appropriate this color is for this time of year and I wanted to share one of our latest gemological finds.

This particular gemstone is a stunning 2.08ct oval yellow sapphire. ($3,200.) It’s one of a number of newly acquired colored stones we offer as part of our wide selection of fair trade colored gemstones in hues appropriate for any season.

Here at Leber Jeweler, we’re huge fans of rare and exotic colored stones, priding ourselves on our collection of fine gemological specimens. No matter what your budget may be, we’d be thrilled to help you with your search for the perfect colored gemstone.

Gay Marriage Bill is One Step Closer!

gayprideflagThe Illinois House today approved a bill that will make Illinois the 15th state to legalize same-sex marriage. Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn has said he would sign the bill into law should it reach his desk. The vote was 61-54.

It’s been a long road but one we’ve supported every step of the way. To us, it is a fundamental human rights issue. We are pleased to see a majority of Illinois lawmakers voted to make sure our home state is on the correct side of history.

Every individual should have the right to marry any person they love, regardless of gender. Here in Illinois, it’s looking like that will soon be possible.