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Conflict Free Diamonds



Conflict-Free Diamonds

Leber Jeweler Inc. was the first jewelry store to offer guaranteed conflict-free diamonds in the 1990s. We remain at the forefront in addressing this very important subject.

The Four C'sThe Four C’s and More

A primer to help you on your way to finding the most exquisite diamond. From science to world affairs, our guide covers the key criteria and other aspects used to evaluate a natural diamond.
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chromiumWhat are Conflict Diamonds?

Diamonds, like so many other natural resources in the developing world, have been used to fund violence and strife. Learn the background on what makes a "blood diamond."
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Canadian DiamondsConflict-Free Canadian Diamonds

From Canada's Northwest Territories come diamonds with a verifiable proof of origin. Understand the history and politics associated with this natural treasure from the sub-Arctic regions.
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Synthetic DiamondsSynthetic Diamonds

Humankind has yet to achieve the beauty and allure of a natural diamond. Learn why synthetic diamonds are neither a responsible nor a wise investment.
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