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Artisnal Craftsmanship

Artisanal Craftsmanship

Technical expertise, classic styling, and social consciousness are the ingredients that go into each handcrafted piece of Earthwise Jewelry®. Our fine jewelry creations are prized for their beautiful design and for the thoughtful consideration of the planet that goes into each piece.

Throughout the design and fabrication process, we are guided by a physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual connection to nature. As Earthwise Jewelry® is produced using materials sourced from the earth, we strive to allow the outward beauty and inner essence of each piece shine through.


Design PhilosophyDesign Philosophy

The five elements you'll find in every handcrafted piece of Earthwise Jewelry® are: simplicity, balance, subtlety, individuality, and artistry.
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Good Design has a ConscienceGood Design Has a Conscience

We believe in design with integrity. If craftspeople are not mindful of the consequences associated with their choice of materials, then what they are creating is quite simply bad design.
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